October // November


Monday 29th – Yahdoh 6pm

Tuesday 30th – Cam Kettle 6pm

Wednesday 31st – Shannon Hunter 7pm

Thursday 1st – Dave Cooke 7pm

Friday 2nd – Kaweyova 7.30pm

Saturday 3rd – Elemental 7.30pm

Sunday 4th – Yahdoh 12pm

Sunday 4th – Colorful Blac 6pm

Monday 5th – Melbourne Cup Calcutte

Tuesday 6th – Braux Pas

Wednesday 7th – Shannon Hunter 7pm

Thursday 8th – Lady Valiant 7pm

Friday 9th – Revelation 7.30pm

Saturday 10th – Night Shift 7.30pm

Sunday 11th – Dennis Rose 12pm

Sunday 11th – Cam Kettle 6pm

Thursday 15th – Lady Valiant 7pm

Friday 16th – Dr Elephant 7.30pm

Saturday 17th -Elemental 7.30pm

Sunday 18th – Yahdoh 12pm

Sunday 18th – Dave Cooke 6pm

Thursday 22nd – Shannon Hunter 7pm

Friday 23rd – Sunset Raga 7.30pm

Saturday 24th – Jana Mercedes 7.30pm

Sunday 25th – Dennis Rose 12pm

Sunday 25th – Shannon 6pm

Thursday 29th – The Kroovs 7pm

Friday 30th – Lady Valiant 7.30pm